Caring for your Jewels

Caring for your jewels

Skin and hair products(lotions and perfumes), along with other chemicals, can tarnish silver and corrode gold/stones. You are therefore advised to always remove all jewellery before using these products. Chlorine   can  permanently  discolour  gold  plated and silver  jewellery so  you  should avoid wearing it in pools. It  is  also advisable to  remove  your  AMAVI  jewels  when  exercising, cleaning,  gardening or  any other physical work. Try not to wear it overnight.  

All  jewellery  should  be stored  separately to  avoid  scratching and rubbing against one another. A velvety  pouch,  like  the  one  we provide,  is  ideal for this. Stones,  particularly  emeralds,  are  very easily scratched. It is even possible to scratch a diamond with another diamond so  please store your diamond jewellery carefully. Do  not  store  jewellery  in direct  heat or in the  bathroom as  damp and hot  conditions will  cause  your AMAVI  jewels to tarnish. To clean your  jewellery  wipe it gently with a soft, lint-free cloth.